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Getting Started

A food operation is about determining the feel of the room, flow of the kitchen, guest experience, ingredient sourcing, equipment, and more.  We help reduce risk while maximizing return by being fully immersed in the construction, design, and build-out with contractors, architects, designers, developers, and all stakeholders in the project.

Business Plan Development
P&L Analysis
Budget Development
Cost Analysis
Labor Cost Modeling

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Even the most successful food operations experience bumps in the road. Through tight operational controls, we minimize problems and better re-align systems when problems occur. We see the project through the lens of an operator. Understanding the numbers is key to success. Revenue per sq foot impacts ingredient cost measures;  budgets impact staffing; and small details make or break the margins. 

Operational Assessments
Systems Development and Implementation
Back of the House Training and Development
Front of the House Training and Development
Management Advisory Services

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Improvement & Growth

Every moment the doors of a food operation are open, there is opportunity for improvement. We strive to make the financials stronger, the guest experience richer, the food better, the operations smoother, and we are the force that holistically improves the various facets of your business.

Financial Turnarounds
Re-concepting Existing Operations
Menu Redevelopment
Management Development
Cost Audits and Control Implementation
Culinary Training & Development

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Health & Safety

Maximizing real estate and understanding building economics is a key part of the expertise we bring to the table. Health and safety compliances in the physical space are an important part in turning out an attractive product. A proactive approach to keeping a facility compliant with code from day 1 saves time, money, and frees the mind to focus on creativity and not fixing avoidable problems.   

Supply Chain Assurance
Risk Assessments
GFSI Pre-Cert Consulting
Allergen Management

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