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The food industry can be hard...

Let us make it easier.


We bring our expertise to a new vision or an operations tune-up from a one hour consultation to a longterm commitment

We also specialize in the independent grocery and cooperative business development.

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Marc BrownGold

is the founder of MBG Consulting Group. He is a dynamic, innovative, and passionate senior management professional with 30+ years of broad-based operations and food industry experience, including expertise as restaurant proprietor for 2 successful ventures with approximately $1M each in sales.


He has superior wine and food knowledge with a strong record of success in driving revenue, managing large teams, and providing outstanding guest service. He has a proven ability to forge relationships with vendors and executive partners that result in innovative solutions for fast-paced environments.

Marc has developed a product called Groovy Granola to be launched in 2022.

                                                          A word from Marc about MBG Consulting Group
We know the ins and outs of the food industry and how to successfully navigate operations with an emphasis on profitability. Our entrepreneurial spirit runs deep. We believe that we can help address any need or fill any role successfully. We have brought businesses back from the brink of bankruptcy and helped to create ventures from scratch. Our consultants have been published, quoted, and praised for their expertise and knowledge across the varied and diverse disciplines required to realize a successful business.





Marc knows food and and he knows people. Most of all, he knows how to mix the two things together into a tasty, community-building, enterprise.

Dan Nordley 

Triangle Park Creative, Founder & "Chief Park Ranger"


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